Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Indian Man Nabbed For Stealing Okada Rider's Manhood

Viral footage has emerged of an Indian man who was apprehended on Saturday, October 31 in Satellite Town, Lagos, for allegedly stealing a commercial motorcyclist’s manhood.
The Indian man reportedly stole the Okada rider’s manhood at Satelite Town, Lagos.
Sources say the disturbing development took place at about 5pm on the said date.
Witnesses, most of whom were motorists themselves, claimed the unnamed Indian alighted from a bus which was headed to mile 2 and asked the okada rider for directions to some place in Satellite Town.
The okada rider, whose name is withheld, had asked to take the accused to his destination, and they agreed on a fee.
Ladunliadi News reports that on getting to the gate just before Navy town, the Indian instructed the okada rider to stop as he had arrived at his destination.
On getting off the bike, the suspect paid the local bike rider far more than was due for the distance covered.
Just after being paid by the Indian man, the biker said he realised his private part was missing.
The bike man was reported to have discovered just at the moment of exchange that his private part had gone missing.
He then ran after the Indian man who was already on his way, shouting to draw the attention of people.
His fellow bike riders joined the chase and stopped the Indian man.
Fellow bike men were instrumental to apprehending the Indian man who had briskly left after over paying the victim.
Witnesses at the scene posted photos and videos of the incident. See footage below:
At the time of this report, there was no information as to what became of the Indian and the commercial motorcyclist.

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